State Assemblyman for Pasir Pinji, Howard Lee Chuan How

Early life
Howard was born in Ipoh in 1983 and was schooled at SRJK ( C ) Poi Lam until primary 6. He then continued his secondary education at Great Yarmouth High School & Technology College, United Kingdom, and completed a BTEC National Diploma in Science at Great Yarmouth FE College in the East of England.
Howard has been involved in politics & activism as early as the age of 16 when he was elected Vice president of the local Student Union in the East of England. During his time as the general manager of one of the top, premium Food and Beverage businesses in Norwich, UK, Howard and a few of his counterparts founded a civil and society movement that revitalized a previously neglected section of Norwich City, into a heritage attraction and booming retail district. Active in local politics throughout his working life, he also contested as a candidate under the UK Liberal Democrats at a City Council by election.

Howard returned to Malaysia at the end of 2007 saw the start of his involvement with DAP Malaysia. Seeing the injustice and corruption that he has read over the years, he immediately got involved and was inadvertently appointed campaign manager for the then first term candidate for the state assembly constituency of Canning, Sdr Wong Kah Woh.
Since then, Howard has continued to play various key roles behind, as well as in front of the scenes in DAP Malaysia and the then Malaysian main opposition coalition Pakatan Rakyat. As State Secretary of DAPSY Perak, he works tirelessly throughout the state, speaking in rural areas addressing village folk and bringing to them the latest political news, as well as regularly working the Urban ceramah (rally) circuit. Howard also heads PROSPECT, an opposition linked, independently funded policy thinktank charged with the task of crafting policies for Perak state political leaders through public and stakeholder engagement. How is also the director of the Pakatan Rakyat Alternative Budget Task-force, and the leader of the Pakatan Rakyat Perak Manifesto Team.
Political Career
During the 13th General Elections of Malaysia, Howard won the State constituency of Pasir Pinji polling 17,896 votes defeating Barisan National candidate with 13,632 majority. In the 2015, he was elected as one of the DAPSY central committee member and also Perak DAPSY Chief. In the 2016, Howard was also elected as the new President of IUSY, the largest political youth organisation in the world during the congress in Albania. He is the first Southeast Asian to be elected to the position, and this is the highest international position that DAPSY has achieved.